Vadászcsárda (Hunter's Tavern)

Our Guests are welcomed in unique environment with Traditional Hungarian cruisine!



Our gastronomic offer is based on excellent raw material and Hungarian folk traditions. The Hunter's Tavern, deserved his name, serves excellent wild dishes like "braised leg of wild boar with creamy sauce made from goosberry" or "grilled pheasent-breast with chanterelle sauce".

In beehived oven we bake delicios food, crispy fried and yeast cake.

We offer our guests in demanding environment excellent food and wine all year around. The menu is changing two times a year, adapting to the seasons.



It's available to catering 100 people in two different rooms in the Vadászcsárda. There is an ideal location for family programs, smaller company events, partner meetings whether it's an a-la Carte dinner, standing reception or served menu, too.



We are baking, in the park and Csárda developed old Hungarian beehive oven, delicious homemade bread and royal-flavoured crunchy meat. We are providing a strudel by hand. There is a possibility to roats meat on charcoal oven or make by iron. On outdoor pots we can cook traditionel Hungarian stew made from different raw materials and fish soup or goulash.

To make the folk dishes we collect the beehive oven also. The Vadászcsárda offers you different gastroprograms for example "beehive oven days, wine dinners, cooking courses.


The Terrace is suitable for 120 people and open from Spring to Autum. There are located different outdoor programs (scene roasting in beehive oven, grilling).Kids could use the playground next the Csárda so parents could supervise them from the Terrace or the Csárda's building also.





 Our chef's name is Róbert Répás.
Forster Vadászcsárda, the House of real Hungarian Flavors!

Opening hours
Monday-Sunday: 12:00 - 22:00
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