Silent, Peace and Harmony in the Forster Hunting Lodge



18 kilometers far from Budapest, in Bugyi village can be found in a picturesque surrounding the Forster Hunting Lodge, built in the 19th century and enclosed by several acres of ancient park. Near the Capital but far from the noise, in natural environment offer we unique culinary programs with Traditional Hungarian cuisine and possibility of weddings and conferences with special visual effects. We welcome our guests at the newly built 3 stars Hotel with 45 rooms.




In our unique-built Conference room, with floor heating and air - conditioning, undertake we to organize and arrange wedding parties troughout the year. Our conference room and Hotel from a perfect harmony with the natural environment. We can meet the balance and the connection of the folk motives and the elements of the modern ages. We offer you our services not only in the area of Forster Hunting Lodge but also outdoor with the Catering Team.





We hope to welcome You as our guest in Forster Hunting Lodge!

The management and collectivity of Forster Hunting Lodge!



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